Thank you! :"It has been both an honor and privilege to be your candidate for Congress and to have your help in starting to spread the word that with unifying ...."  (more)


     Ron Bemis
 will represent all of us in Washington's 7th              Congressional District and help bring us real change for

               Recovery of our economy and relief from a massive debt and ineffective incumbent

            Reform to make Congress accountable, federal spending cost-effective, 
taxes simple,                    liberties & justice protected, Social Security & Medicare secure, healthcare affordable

 Results!  Ron Bemis is much better qualified than the ineffective career incumbent                  to use a forward-thinking, problem-solving, cooperative approach that bring results!

It’s time to upset Washington D.C.!
  Ron Bemis has a history of upsets, and in the top 2 Primary on Aug. 7, 2012 to represent WA's 7th Congressional District, Ron won another! Making history in his very new campaign against a 'big money' challenger, Ron Bemis was outspent 15:1 yet won the #2 position with 2-1/2 times the vote of the challenger and more votes than all 5 challengers combined!  And the career incumbent Jim McDermott had his lowest vote % in 24 years! (See 'Press')  With growing momentum, an expected > twice as many voters in November, a newly redrawn district, the very best qualified and independent choice ever, and your active support, Ron Bemis can fast close the narrowing gap to victory!

No politician ‘owns’ any seat in Congress; the people do.  Let's not stay stuck any longer.  The incumbent's highly partisan approach, disconnect, inaccessibility, and excessive debt spending haven’t worked.  Our Seattle area is too important to just have a retirement-ready representative.  Whether you're Liberal, Independent, 
Libertarian or Conservative, or a young person struggling with tuition loans, or family trying to make ends meet, or anyone without, looking for, or worried you won't keep, a job, or an employee or employer struggling under high costs, taxes & regulations ... Congress and this incumbent haven't fixed this mess.

And clearly we can't expect a real change by re-electing the same 
career politician  who has had 24 years to fix this -- and hasn't.  Instead, his votes have left us in a deep fiscal hole under a crushing debt load of $75,000/adult, 600% higher than when he started, and still rising!  In our Washington we run a house on a budget; why can't he in his Washington? There, the incumbent remains one of the biggest debt spenders in all Congress and votes for $997 in more debt spending for each $1 less!  There, he 'pays' for that by piling upon us huge debt (now $1 of every $3 spent!), which unfairly mortgages the futures of our young people, slows the growth of our economy and jobs, and hurts all of us longterm with likely higher inflation, reduced standards of living, a devalued dollar, and potential national bankruptcy like Greece.  He's consistently graded "F" by the non-partisan National Taxpayers Union, and with the upcoming challenges and fiscal cliff ahead, we need a change now!  (See ‘Recovery)

Compare and try Ron Bemis as the best qualified to effectively and independently serve you and our district and help fix this fiscal mess.  Living and working in Seattle for the past 36 years, Ron Bemis has an outstanding success record in law (winning every jury trial but one, whether representing sexually exploited children, homeowners harmed by underground oil leaks, or people and businesses sued on civil litigation claims), in business (managing a major law firm), in education (teaching kids in schools & instructing at U.W. Law School), and in public service leadership (chairing and expanding 'Law Week,' a statewide volunteer program for children in schools, serving the King County Bar Assoc. as it its Seattle-elected Trustee, and co-leading a City Initiative which won with 55% of the Seattle voters).  His broad background defies political stereotyping and is rooted in public service, freedom, caring, and human concerns.  Ron Bemis has the independence, approaches, legal advocacy skills, and record of big successes and upsets to be able to best represent you and fix the mess in D.C. (see ‘About Ron’) -- the incumbent has none of these.  Ron will work together with all to build bridges, rejects extreme partisanship, will both listen and be very accessible to you, is not beholden to ‘big money’ or big 'special interests,' and can effectively and energetically solve problems to win results for us all -- the incumbent has not, does not

Ron Bemis’ values are unifying and nonpartisan.  They are broadly shared principles helping our FREE nation to flourish at its best:  Freedom of the Individual, a Responsible restrained government, Free Enterprise (not crony capitalism), and caring Ethics of respect, personal dignity, and both Liberty and Justice for All.  For legislation, Ron will apply a long overdue cost-benefits test, demand fiscal accountability, and help fix long term neglected problems for us.  He's against D.C.'s interfering with our social lives and private decisions -- those are for us in Washington State to decide for ourselves.  Ron's first affiliation is to you, independently over party labels, for better government.  And unlike the incumbent, Ron will be in a much more effective position in Congress for us and our District, by both caucusing in a likely Republican majority in the House and working together with any President and all in Congress to actually be heard, counted, and win positive results for all.  (See 'Reform')

     With Ron Bemis you now have a serious candidate for real change for you.

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